AUSASIA is the culmination of the knowledge, technical experience and project depth drawn from Mr John Speedy and Mr Barry Jakeman.

About us

The Project Directors of AUSASIA have worked throughout Australia, Indonesia, Japan, New Guinea, China, Hawaii, Korea and Thailand.With a solid foundation and industry respect for achieving clients’ objectives through hands-on practical solutions and
performance, AUSASIA’s expertise is evidenced through their continuity of work with the same clients year after year.
AUSASIA’s professional, highly motivated and multi-disciplinary skills and leadership qualities continually project results in
time, cost and quality parameters demanded in the construction industry.

AUSASIA has developed a highly sophisticated patented cost control system and a variety of construction contracts that
ensures client protection and minimises client risk with building contractors. The company’s uniqueness is its passion for
each and every project, the flexibility and devotion to go further than required, to assist the client or project team even if
the assistance is not part of AUSASIA’s brief and to ensure that quality is not sacrificed for expediency.

At all times the project is fully managed and not just administered with the importance
placed on risk, performance and profit throughout the life of the project.


The science of Project Management is not theory based, but practically based through years of technical experience, hands on work practices and risk management methodology of many complex tasks to achieve predetermined client objectives which normally revolve around time, cost and quality parameters.